550 Gurupurb Preparation Nankana Sahib! Tree 🌲 Planning Initiative by Punjabi Lehar

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday announced that the ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’ campaign will be launched on October 13. While speaking in Islamabad, the premier said the countrywide five-year campaign includes “changing mindsets” towards cleanliness, creating dumping sites for waste, provision of public toilets, and starting a volunteer scouts programme to help support the campaign. PM Khan said that the nationwide call to action would be launched on the coming Saturday and that the chief ministers, ministers, president, as well as governors from around Pakistan will take part. Members of the civil society, including students, will also be encouraged to take part. During the announcement on 13 oct, PM Khan said that the country seemed to have “accepted and become resigned to” general uncleanliness.

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